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I've always been a fan of weebl since being very young, but after i watched electro gypsy last year i completely fell in love with savlonic. Im not even a regular listener to electro and synthetic songs but these are definately the exception, please start up again, i would love to hear a new one!


jerry jackson animations are amazing and hilarious people dont understand that jerry jackson is a fictional charactor made up by david firth, (for people who dont know who he is he made salad fingers) he's anamazingly funny animator.


i thought it was literally a crease!

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i remember the first time i tried this thinking it'll suck, i then spent 2 hours playing the game. fantastic game, great concept

i gave this a six because.....

i gave this a six because the controlls were just too god damn hard, i love the art games i loved every day the last dream and one chance but the gameplay on this was just irritating i wanted to finish but i ended up spending at least five minites on the verry start, i dident get much further after that after sending ages just trying to do it but i couldent

this is great but i found a money glitch!

its a good game over all but i found a money glitch, at the beginning go to the loan shark and click borrow put 9999999999 in the box and it'll say too much, take out the numbers then put 500 in the box andkeep tapping it as many times you want it dosent add to the debt so you can pay of the regular debt

im a guitarest living in newcastle my band is starting to get decent,really dont care how crap some things are that i put on here at least im trying so troll if you want. Games go under the name of disturbed productions and movies go under SwoopyEmoHairTV

21, Male

guitarest in a band

wtf is this thing a peedo


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